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REM Remote Employee Monitoring Solution

3SC-REM is a Remote monitoring software is used by employers and managers to monitor employee activity on company devices. REM software is used to ensure employee productivity, protect sensitive company data, conduct employee investigations and maintain compliance with federal regulations.

Managers of businesses who deploy a remote employee monitoring software will often see a number of unexpected improvements, in addition to the expected benefits.

With the remote workforce now going mainstream, monitoring computer activity might be the only solution to maintain accountability and keep managers aware of how company time is spent from those virtual workspaces. When the majority of your workforce telecommutes, using REM's employee monitoring software you can keep a watchful eye on employee activity such as: -Logon/logoff data -Internet activity -Social media logins -Geolocation (are they really working from home?) -Screenshots


There’s no playbook for remote work. Organizations must decide if keeping workers at home is right for them. Many companies began shifting to a work-from-home office years ago because there are many benefits to allowing employees to work remotely. Regardless of how the effects of the Coronavirus play out on the global workforce – remote work could be the new normal.


With remote employee monitoring, you can remain in control of your company assets even when accessed by employees from outside the office. Get an immediate alert if an employee exports your customer list from your CRM. Go beyond monitoring and preemptively set up DLP policies to block sensitive data from being sent by email, uploaded to the cloud, or copied to an external USB storage device.


Back when both manager and employee worked from the office, spotting unproductive workers didn’t require too much effort. Permanently gossiping at the water cooler? Taking extra-long lunches? Quickly closing browsers as you walk behind them? But how do you spot (and more importantly prevent) unproductive activities when they work from home?.


Remote employee monitoring is a valuable tool that managers use to track the time spent on a project and the process in which they move from task to task. Managers can use this data to spot potential delays in a project’s deadline and make changes necessary to keep the project on track. For example, monitored data might lead a manager to discover a particular employee might not be right for a particular task.

REM Employee Monitor for Windows/Mac

Monitor & Control Activities on Apple Mac and Windows PC! REM Employee Monitor offers professional employee monitoring solution for companies that are equipped with Mac or Windows PC. It allows companies to log employee activities including typed keystrokes, application usage, chat logs, composed emails and more.